Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to have the talking assistant?

Since our system can be completely customized, you can activate or deactivate the talking assistant that helps people navigate through the system.

Can we have different policies set depending on the room type?

Yes!  Policies can be set for all your room types, or just specific room types that you offer.

Can we use our own credit card processing methods?

Yes. In fact, you will use your own credit card merchant account to handle all credit card transactions.

Can we use your system for our vacation rental?

Our system is versatile enough to handle full size hotels, small motels, 6 bedroom bed and breakfasts or one unit/multiple unit vacation rentals. 

Can we set up special packages?

Yes - Packages can be set up for specific weekends, or anytime.

Can we include extras that people can purchase?

Extras can be added depending on the room type, or across all room types.  Some extras may include a romantic package, dinner tickets, near by attraction tickets just to name a few.

Is it possible to use your system to collect a security deposit via paypal?

Yes - We can link the final step of the reservation process to take the total security deposit and use paypal to collect

Do we need to use the merchant account or set up an new merchant account?

The reservation system will collect and hold the reservation credit card securely and you use your own existing merchant account to process the card.  No need to set up a new merchant account.

Can you have the reservation auto-confirm and automatically remove the room from your online inventory? 

Yes, this option is available.

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